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P & I Supplies and Repairs also offers everthing else you'll need for your electrical, mechanical and construction requirements, and as with all our products these are also sourced from manufacturers compliant with stringent quality procedures approved by the British Standards Institute.

If you're interested in any other industrial supplies not shown then please contact us.

Aluminium Paint X98 Thinners
Gloss Paint(all colours) Spray Paint(all colours)
Bituminous Paint Cold Galv Spray
Galvafroid Turps
Galvafroid Thinner Undercoat(all colours)
Cellulose Thinner Vinyl Matt Paint(all colours)
Hammerite Vinyl Silk Paint(all colours)
Hammerite Smooth White Primer
Hammerite Thinner Yellow Ochre Gloss Paint
Painters Caulk Zinc Phosphate Primer
Red Oxide Primer Beeline Hand Cleaner
Red Oxide Quick Dry Paint Brushes(all sizes)
Road Marking Paint(all colours) Rollers
Sealex B Paint Trays
Safety Equipment
First Aid Kits Hi-Vis Vests
Safety Harnesses Knee Pads
Fire Extinguishers Micro pore
Chromer Caps Safety Gloves(all Types)
Dust Masks Overshoes
Ear Defenders Plasters
Ear Plugs Paper Overalls
Eye Wash Boiler Suits
Face Visors & Headgear Footwear
Hard Hats Goggles & glasses
Hi- Vis Jackets Wet Suits
Hi-Vis Trousers  
Step Ladders
Aluminium Step ladders Fibre Glass Step ladders
Wooden Step ladders  
Janitorial Products
Air Freshners Dish Washer Tablets
Black Bags Spray Glass Cleaner
Barrier Cream Mops & Buckets
Bleach Hand Towels
Brillo Pads Shovels
Soaps Oil Absorbant Granules
Blue Towel Roll Cloths/ Dusters
Dust Sheets Swarfega
Rags Toilet Cleaners
Polish Toilet Tissue
Stain Removers Tuffanega
Detergent Weed Killer
Mastics & Sealants
WD 40 Fire Mate Intumecant Mastics
Densyl Mastic Pyro Mate Fire Resistant Mastic
Solder & Fluid All Purpose Powder Filler
Tallow High Modulous Silicone Mastics
Expanding Foam Filler Glue Sticks
Adhesives Silicon Mastic
Padlocks Bulldog Grips
Hinges Hook & Eye Turnbuckles
Hook Bolts Thimbles
Hasps & Staples Shackles
Rope, Chain & Accessories
Ball Chain Oval Braized Chain
Jack Chain Blue Poly Prop Rope etc
Welded Chain Tying Wire
Heavy Duty Chain  
Self Adhesive Electrical Marking Tape Board Tape
Barrier Tape Poly Prop Tape
Double sided Tape PTFE Tape
Denso Tape PVC Tape (all colours)
Ducting Tape Self Amalgamating Tape
Lead Tape Self Bonding Tape
Masking Tape Sellotape
Hose & Accessories
Hosetails Hose Clips
Female elbows Housing & Screws for Hose Clip Band
Clear Reinforced PVC Tube Hose Clip Drivers.
Clear Unreinforced PVC Tube  
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