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P & I Supplies and Repairs offers cuttings, drilling& abrasives from manufacturing sources compliant with stringent quality procedures approved by the British Standards Institute.

A selection of our cuttings, drilling & abrasives products are shown below. If you're interested in any other product not shown then please contact us.

Cuttings, Drillings & Abrasives
Grip Flat Wheels Emery Cloths
Rotary Burrs Glass Paper
D/C Metal Cutting Discs Grinding Wheels
Metal Cut Off Discs Sanding Discs
Stone Cutting Discs Sandpaper
Clean & Strip Discs Steel Wool
Diamond Tipped Blades Wet & Dry Paper
Metal Grinding Discs  

Cutting Tools
Hacksaw Blades Flat Bits
Junior Hacksaw Blades Stocks & Dies
Presto H.S.S Drills & Taps Conecut Drills
Masonary Drills Jigsaw Blades
SDS Masonary Drills Cutting Oil.
Starrett Holesaws & Arbors  
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