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Picture of Linian ClipP & I Supplies and Repairs
introduce an innovative cable clip dramatically reducing installation time, while remaining uncompromising in quality, safety and aesthetics.

New legislation amending BS5839 states that not only must cable be fire resistant but the supporting clip must also comply with this statutory requirement. In addition, the conventional method of cable installation involving rawlplug, cable clip and woodscrew and insertion tool is considered both labour and material intensive.

The solution to these problems is the Linian Clip. This offers a fast and easy method of high quality cable installation involving,

  • Less time
  • Less labour
  • Less material
  • Less COST

For more information view our presentation slides and video demonstration comparing the conventional method of cable installation with that using the Linian Clip, and judge for yourselves:

If you wish to discuss this product in more detail please contact one of our sales team on +44 (0)141 332 5734 or email us.

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